Formally, it's a magazine. Informally, it's an expression; and a platform to be given to the young creatives of the world. To showcase what they are passionate about, to an audience that is interested in the same. We would like to set as few boundaries as possible. In what you want to illustrate, you have the utmost freedom. Be it fashion or literature, history, or film; everything is welcome to be explored here (in fact, it is encouraged).


Klimt is a platform for various forms of media, where the work of various individuals is featured. With content based on a wide range of topics, we hope to provide something for every viewer.


We would like to think we're the middlemen. You have the talent, and we have the stage. We at KlimtMedia have poured our heart and soul into this medium of ours to amplify those whose voices demand to be heard. With its diversity, KlimtMedia is a platform for the creative, unique, and unconventional.



Meet the Founders of Klimt Media.



Vishakha Bakshi is a gregarious 16 year old student of Christ Junior College. She exhibits a great deal of interest in photography, poster designing, cinematography, marketing studies and has the history of any major fashion house on the tip of her tongue. She is also a vocalist with a ukulele handy at all times, has quite possibly watched every tv series/show on Netflix, and a Pan-Asian cuisine fanatic. She strives to have a successful career in the media industry and hopes to become the Editor-in-Chief of a Fashion & Culture Magazine one day. Vishakha is our Content Coordinator, the Brand Manager, and is the Founder of Klimt Media.


Thank you for your interest in Klimt Media. For more information or any queries, feel free to get in touch with us on any of our socials linked below and we will get back to you soon!

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