• Devika Ayyappa

Arrival (2016) by Denis Villeneuve

Dennis Villeneuve's intelligent and immersive take on the concept of outer space invasion is remarkable. It can easily be said that Arrival is one of the best movies which explores "extraterrestrial life" and it will not keep an audience bored.

Amy Adams gives us a powerful performance as a linguist, Louise Banks, who is appointed by the US Army to try to understand and communicate with alien beings who have occupied 12 spots around the planet.

The way the aliens have been portrayed as peaceful creatures is quite unheard of and very pleasing to watch. The whole cast delivers a very intellectual, deep, and emotional acting front. This film will keep you occupied till the end and will definitely provoke thought.

"Arrival" is less action and more story. It presents a beautiful tale of human and alien interaction and how language shapes us and the world. As Dr. Banks acquires knowledge about these beings and their ways, us as audiences learn and discover a lot through the movie as well. It has a very profound theme and is more than just your usual alien themed movie - it's a story about life in itself.

Dark humour, strong sexual undertones, odd characters in odd situations, and invoking an overriding unsettling feeling; Like all Yorgos Lanthimos' films, The Favourite checks all these boxes too. The

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