• Noel Jacob Sony

IDYIA : A Closer Look

Noel Jacob Sony

IDYIA is an education-based, non-profit organization started in Bangalore by Rudra Pratap Singh, a teenager currently studying in NPS, Jayanagar. He describes himself as an ambiverted social butterfly with an interest in Computer Sciences.

When asked why he started this initiative and what inspired him, Rudra had this to say:

“I can’t tell you Why or give you a specific moment. But I did have this particular incident that, sort of, nudged me in this direction.

One afternoon, a while back, I was on my way back home from school sitting in the back of my mother’s car. While we were stopped at a signal, I noticed a child, who couldn’t be more than two years younger than me, knocking on the windows of every car on the road. Before the child could reach our car, the traffic began to give way and we had started moving. When our paths crossed, I saw the child holding a chalkboard - one he used to communicate through car windows. What was written on it was his attempt in requesting spare change so he could put himself through school.

I can’t help but remember that the word ‘school’ was spelt wrongly.

I would say that, in addition to this, I’ve had many similar instances and experiences that have shown me that I am a privileged individual. And what I’ve come to learn recently is that I can use that privilege to give back to the community. IDYIA is me trying to do exactly that.”

This organization strives to provide education even in times such as the pandemic when essential services are seemingly unattainable to the impoverished class. This is why classes are conducted almost entirely online. The classes that do happen in-person give special attention to safety guidelines.

It began around 3 months ago in early November with 6 of Rudra’s close friends tutoring 7 students. Since then, IDYIA has garnered a student base of over 230 students, 60 active tutors, and more than 400 tutor applications. This non-profit has also reached the cities of Delhi and Mumbai and plans to expand internationally.

They have worked with five NGOs across India, teaching subjects ranging from English to Home Science and Mathematics to EVS, and teach according to the syllabi or requirements set by the NGO or according to the requirement of the student.

IDYIA has seen massive growth these past few months and shows no sign of plateauing.

This success can be attributed to all the individuals who volunteered and, of course, its team. It consists of 8 core members and 17 auxiliary members that fall under the categories of Research, Social Media, Logistics, and Social Outreach.

In short, IDYIA is the collaborative effort of like-minded, enthusiastic youngsters who want to do their part in giving back to society. With the cumulative effort of people with varied skill sets, IDYIA aims to provide free education to as many children as possible.

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