• Harris Joseph Augustin

Incendies (2010) by Denis Villeneuve

Subsequent to Nawal Marwan's death, her twin children Jeanne and Simon each receive letters telling them to find and deliver letters to a father and brother they never knew they had respectively. Jeanne is determined to carry out the pursuit whereas Simon is more reluctant. However, honouring their mother's wishes, both of them travel to the Middle East in search of the two unknown kin.

One of Villeneuve's earliest films, Incendies takes us on a journey to certain unspecified and fictional locations in the Middle East. The discovery of long buried truths and secrets along with a series of flashbacks is all very well brought out in this exceptionally constructed plot. It has the classic Villeneuve style of leaving the viewers in a state of perplexity after a breathtaking plot twist. Perhaps these are the certain aspects on which each of his films thrive on. A mind blowing adaptation from Wajdi Mouawad's play also goes by the same name. A classic mystery thriller with a pinch of the war genre, Incendies is an unspoken and silent gift to the history of cinema.

Dark humour, strong sexual undertones, odd characters in odd situations, and invoking an overriding unsettling feeling; Like all Yorgos Lanthimos' films, The Favourite checks all these boxes too. The

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