• Sanchita Chopra

Maximalism: The Way Forward

A deep dive into maximalism

'More is More and Less is a Bore,' said fashion icon, Iris Apfel and rightly so. Thanks to the pandemic, maximalism is finally making a much-needed comeback in this minimalistic world. What exactly is maximalism, you ask? There is no exact definition. While some call it an art movement, others believe it is an under-recognised approach to art and design, almost like a lifestyle. In many ways, it is a way of life, a manner of self-expression that correctly portrays the intricate complexities of the wearer.

I know what the next question is: what does the pandemic have anything to do with it? I know it seems absurd. That said, the newfound minimalism of our lives - staying home and lack of human contact - have forced maximalism fuelled by emotion to manifest through fashion. With viral trends promoting the use of chunky sweaters, boots, faux leather, and fur on almost all social media platforms, tactile therapy seems to be taking over. The primary elements of maximalism include tons of layering (even if mismatched), unconventional patterns, textures, and rich, bold colours. Statement pieces have become all the rage, and pairing and complementing varying styles together is the way forward. Since fashion reflects society and its collective experience, high fashion companies have been quick to master maximalism in their ateliers and, of course, on their runways. The resort 2022 runway saw Versace leading the way with head-turning silhouettes sporting latex, psychedelic prints, retro-futuristic boots, and the unforgettable bubblegum pink! Balmain's undeniable representation of modern royalty shocked the industry with its models adorned in jewels and crystals, oversized bags that matched the earrings, and huge furry slippers. Not to mention Nicolas Ghesquière's space tourism that inspired the Louis Vuitton collection and Blumarine's throwback to the 'it-girls' of the naughts. All in all, maximalism is back, and it is here to stay.

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